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About  Tribute

Since 2011, Tribute Transportation has been providing safe, reliable, personal, and affordable transportation for Tucson, Phoenix, and their surrounding communities. In an age where there is an APP for everything, standards of service have taken a back seat, Tribute is owned by a Baby Boomer, who understands all too well the benefits of Old School Customer Service and knows how to make it happened for you.  By calling Tribute, you immediately cut to the chase; imagine no voice prompts, no pushing numbers, just connecting with a real- live person who truly cares about you.  Trust has-to be earned, and that’s what we’re shooting for.


A Life of Passion

Tribute Transportation derives its name from a combination of my life experience; years of service as a Department of Defense Contractor, where I had a significant role in the overall education and training of the US Army and Navy, and as a man of faith driven by gratitude and my conviction to give back to them.

We live in challenging and difficult times, but it is through our acts of generosity that we find ways to help others navigate their way through the troubled waters.  So please consider donating to one or both of the two worthy causes below, and help make a difference today.

Homes For Our Troops
Ukranian Flag.png
Ukrainian Red Cross
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